From Sample to Shipment

We deliver auto parts, also a promise


SQC——Sample Quality Checking

Make things right at the first step. Thanks to global original equipment parts sourcing power, enable us to find the RIGHT original samples worldwide. All parts are precisely examined before they are added to the product range in the in-house test laboratory.

  • Sample Inspection Report issued
  • Sample approved and stored in sample room

IQC——Incoming Goods Quality Checking

An order to ensure the constant quality of the spare parts in serial delivery, extensive inspections of incoming goods are carried out by random sampling.

BOGAP is constantly building partnerships with major OEMs and offers their first-class products in the spare parts market.

  • Compare with approved sample
  • Returned if fails to pass the testing
  • Check and complete Product Inspection Report
  • Issue Product Change Report if status changed

OQC——Outgoing Goods Quality Checking

Every shipment before delivery, all the details including package, label, marking will be checked to ensure every single parts arrive in your hands are perfect for sell.

  • Package
  • Labelling
  • Marking
  • Conditions


We mainly focus on product appearance

and function testing.

Appearance requirements:

correct shape

correct fittings

no burrs and scratches

no breaks, clean surface

no foreign matter

Functional requirements:

According to the use of the product, simulate the test, the main products used, the size of the matching place is measured with a digital caliper, the accuracy is 0.001mm, the curvature of the pipe is tested with a special tool, and the tightness is sealed by air pressure For instrument testing, the strength of the product is tested with a hydraulic blasting machine, and for electrical products, we will have corresponding simulation equipment to simulate the test on the workbench 。