High-quality components of engine thermal management system

In order to prevent engine overheating or serious damage to the structure, the heat generated by the engine cooling system needs to be effectively released into the environment when the engine is running.

In modern automobiles, various electronic temperature control products, such as electronic water pump, electronic temperature control module, auxiliary water pump, are more and more applied to vehicles.

BOGAP innovatively integrates electronic temperature control products into a product line to meet the growing needs of customers.

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Water Pump

The water pump is used to circulate the coolant and ensure the heat exchange cycle in the engine.

The mechanical seal has a complex design and is made of specific materials. In case of leakage, the vehicle can leak coolant, which will cause engine damage due to overheating.

There are complex circuit boards and sealing structures inside the electronic water pump. Once the product is defective, it can only be replaced instead of being repaired.

Fan, Radiator

Most vehicles are equipped with electronically controlled radiator fans. The fan plays an important role in regulating the cooling air flow and helping the engine dissipate heat. 

When the product is damaged, it may cause engine over-temperature, leading to the engine failure to work normally. 

All electronic fan products of BOGAP have been subject to strict performance tests to ensure product stability.

Thermostat, Coolant

If a cooling problem is occurred to your vehicle, it is likely that the thermostat is damaged.  

Common symptoms include prolonged vehicle warm-up due to a stuck thermostat in the open position, or sustained engine overheating due to a stuck thermostat in the closed position.

Control Valve, Coolant

This component is used to control the heat output of the vehicle.

The common problem is that after long-term use, the rubber sealing ring inside the product is damaged, or the internal coil is short circuited, which makes the product unable to work normally.

EA888 Gen.3 Electric Water Pump

The product is suitable for some models equipped with 1.8T & 2.0T engines under Volkswagen after 2014.

By adjusting the internal motor, worm gear and rotating slider, the product can control the flow of coolant according to the working conditions, so that the engine can maintain good performance.


On some BMW models adopting N52 & N54 & N20 engines, the vehicle is equipped with electric coolant pump.

The use of the electric coolant pump helps to improve the cooling efficiency and prolong the service life of the engine, because the electric coolant pump can automatically adjust the speed according to the operating conditions regardless of whether the engine is running and the speed of engine.

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