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As an integral part of internal combustion engine, the timing parts must be of good quality.

Higher compression ratio in the combustion chamber, more precise injection time and higher torque increase the engine load. Therefore, more attention must be paid to the maintenance of engine timing components, especially the transmission chain.

Moreover, modern engines are complex in their structures, in addition to checking timing chains, components such as guide rails, chain tensioners, sprockets and other components also require attention.

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The function of the chain tensioner is to tighten the timing chain to prevent slippage due to accidental vibration of the chain under any working conditions,even if the timing chain is extended due to long-term operation of the engine.



BOGAP has conducted in-depth cooperation with BorgWarner, one of the technical leaders in the field of high-precision and high-quality chain solutions in the world. 

Relying on nearly 100 years of manufacturing experience of BorgWarner, BOGAP continues to provide customers with more automobile chains close to or beyond the quality of the OEM products.



Chain guide rails are usually made of polyamide fiber. The product operates in an extremely poor environment that it is not only eroded by oil and other liquids, but also in contact with metal chains. Therefore, the product is prone to aging and damage.

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Timing Chain
  • E-Polish process-Conducive to reducing friction coefficient.
  • Radius back links design- Improves engine efficiency by about 1%.
  • Special chain design -Withstands about 300 Newtons per millimeter of width.
  • Proprietary heat-treat process-About 2% stronger than aftermarket products.
  • Thick links design-Longer service life , replacement cycle is about 240,000 to 400,000 kilometers.
Guides, Timing Chain
  • DuPont or BASF raw materials consistent with the OEM standard are used for production to ensure the service life of the products

  • CAD software is applied for design and manufacturing. Each guide rail is tested for size, function and durability to ensure the optimal performance of the product.

Tensioner, Timing Chain
  • All BOGAP timing chain tensioners meet or exceed OEM performance requirements.
  • Durable metal construction for a long service life.
  • Zinc-nickel alloy process to prevent product rust.

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